Our projects in the European Union

Más Vida Foundation is Spanish NGO with more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of international development cooperation projects and awareness-raising and development education actions, involving groups such as children, women and seniors. Its headquarter is located in Zaragoza but the Foundation also has different delegations in Spain (Huesca, Granada, Soria and Valencia) and Italy (Rome).

The rules of application in its activity are the law 49/2002, of 23th December, of tax regime of the non-profit entities and of the tax incentives to Patronage.

Más Vida Foundation is committed on the development of actions to further the equality of opportunities for all the people, promoting a civic coexistence in respect and fairness, in order to achieve a fairer present and future society and cohesive. Gender equality and awareness-raising, healthy habits of citizenship and activities that improve health at the physical and mental level.

Some of the entities participating with Más Vida are: “Obra social” la Caixa, Diputación de Zaragoza, Government of Spain (Ministry of the Interior) and the Secretary General of Penitentiary Institutions.

The ability to fulfill the mission lies, in part, in the ability to create and maintain confidence in our stakeholders: beneficiaries of services and programs, donors and financiers, sponsors, partners, employees, volunteers and society in general. For which we must be able to provide accessible and comprehensible information about our actions, governing bodies, management and funding.

Más Vida Foundation has as one of its objectives the creation of stable lines of work for the actions of education for development (EPD). Understanding EPD as an educational process aimed to generate critical awareness of the World’s reality and facilitating tools for social participation and transformation in keys of justice and solidarity. Development education aims to build critical global citizenship, politically active and socially committed to a fair and equitable human development.


EU Programme: EUROPE AID


Year: 2012-2014

Project Identification: 132760/C/ACT/MULTI

This project was carried out in consortium with European organizations, highlighting the collaboration of NGOs: Familias Unidas, Ricerca and Cooperazione, CESTAS, CRIC, CIES, COSPE and also the universities of Molise, Macerata and Salento.


Más Vida Foundation works on several strategic lines, especially through raising awareness and changing the attitude of society in favour of groups such as children, the elderly, immigrants and disadvantaged groups.

It has participated in projects in Nicaragua (concentrating this activity mainly in the municipalities of Estelí and Nueva Segovia, in collaboration with our local partners), the Dominican Republic (our projects are integrated into an Integral Development Plan with four sectors of activity), Spain (Programme of Action and Social Intervention) and Italy (Education for Development). It has also carried out campaigns at local, regional and national level in the field of equality.

Más Vida Foundation is an entity with a great interest in sport, which encourages active participation in traditional sports activities and non-traditional sports and has a great interest in spreading healthy habits among citizens, particularly among children and the elderly.

There have been three competitions:

Solidarity Golf Tournament: For several years now, Más Vida Foundation has organised a solidarity golf tournament in Zaragoza aimed at people over 50 with the aim of promoting sport for the elderly. It has always been very well received with a large number of participants and has been repeated for several years due to demand.

Zumba Challenge: It was an action at Parque Grande in Zaragoza for a heterogeneous public but with a majority of older people. We gave a talk about healthy habits, advising some advice to correct bad eating habits and educate the population on the good ones. This action is one of the activities included in one of the projects of Más Vida Foundation financed by the Government of Aragon.

National Tournament of Solidarity against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, in which Jugger teams from all over Spain participated. Más Vida Foundation was involved in its desire to promote sport at all ages.

There are also social projects with Zaragoza City Council to encourage good health habits.

The research and activities are aimed at:

– Gender equality at all stages of life.
– Promote the active social participation of older people, with leisure activities, sports, conferences…
– Collaboration with civic centres and solidarity organisations.
– Raise society’s awareness of equality.